Milani Luxe Lip Treatment | r e v i e w |


The drugstores have been releasing a bunch of new products to start off the year.  Milani is definitely one of my favorite affordable brands, especially their lip products.  And this one is no exception.

Since I only bought it recently, I’ll be doing an edit later on to update you on my thoughts.  But so far, so good.



Retails $10 CVS

Pigmentation 1/10 

Texture 8/10

Packaging 9/10

Scent 10/10

Overall 9/10

The reason I rate this lip balm as a 1/10 for pigmentation is because it is a colorless balm, which I really like.  The price range will vary depending where you purchase it.  Unlike my typical preference, this lip treatment has a thin consistency.  If you’re looking for something thicker, I’d recommend the Vaseline Lip Therapy which is my Holy Grail. The formula of this Milani Lip Treatment is reminiscent of a more oil based balm.  It’s not waxy by any means, and it is not creamy like the Bite Beauty lip mask. The best way for me to use this lip treatment is throughout the day for touch ups.

When I start my day, I apply the Vaseline Rosy Lips lip therapy before applying my liquid lipstick.  After a few hours, I prefer to reapply the matte lip, but refuse to do so without having applied a balm underneath to help the longevity. This Milani balm sets well and makes liquid lipstick a lot more comfortable to wear without having to worry about it slipping and sliding around. Though this balm is composed of coconut, olive fruit, sweet almond, organ, and jojoba oils, it doesn’t make my liquid lipsticks wear away because of how quickly it sets into my lips.

If you’re not a fan of sweet scents, you probably won’t enjoy the smell of this.  It has a very strong, sweet vanilla meets strawberry starburst scent.  But thankfully, the scent doesn’t linger for too long on the lips; in the packaging however is extremely fragrant.

So far so good. I believe that the texture of my lips are soft because of using the Vaseline Lip Therapy in conjunction with the Milani Luxe Treatment throughout the day.  After using this more, I’ll leave an update to help you guys decide whether or not it’s worth a try!



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