LORAC MegaPRO Palette | r e v i e w |

Retails; $59 usd

Number of Shadows; 32

Pigmentation; 8.5/10

Packaging; 9/10

Overall; 8.8/10




I knew the second I saw this, I needed it. LORAC has done it again by releasing an awesome limited edition palette. You can purchase this in store or online at Ulta. The LORAC MegaPRO Los Angeles eye shadow palette is a must-have, hands down!

With 32 beautifully pigmented shadows, the amount of looks you can create are endless. As per usual, these shadows are very pigmented and extremely blendable. At this price, you can’t beat it. The packaging is also stunning. With rose gold accents layered on a matte white, it has a simple, clean, and classy look. However, if you’re a stickler for keeping the packaging perfectly white, this may require a bit more work. But that aside, the palette has a great sized mirror that you can use to check your whole face. Would I recommend this? Absotively posilutely.


(From L-R) pink cream, tan, pecan, walnut, dusty mauve, violet gray, eggplant, dark navy


Crepe, toffee, mist, vintage, hickory, maple, bark, jet black


The first half of the palette are matte shades; the last half are all shimmer. Snow, cava, cider, Bellini, brown sugar, sequoia, glacier, deep fog.


Tulle, pink bronze, rust, rose quartz, olive, dark roast, pomegranate, licorice.


i appreciate the great versatility of this product. With a ride range of tones, warm, neutral, and cool, this is extremely suitable for all skin tones to do any look, from simple to dramatic .


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