BECCA x Jaclyn Hill | r e v i e w |

The day has finally come!  The collaboration collection between Becca and the stunning Jaclyn Hill has been released in Sephora stores nationwide.  Thanks to boyfee for getting me this while I get him a video game💕  This collection includes several items; a face palette, a liquid shimmering skin perfector, a pressed shimmering skin perfector, a shimmering skin perfectr poured creme, and a now discontinued eye shadow palette.

This is the only product I was dying to get my hands on, the Champagne Collection Face Palette.  This retails for $52 USD, which I firmly believe is worth it.  I know it seems like you’re breaking bank if you buy this, but it is actually a huge bargain.

If you’re not aware, there was a huge controversy when it came to the eyeshadow palette, which made a bunch of people skeptical as to whether or not the face palette would be as good.. Long story short, the formula of the eyeshadows were not typical of the famous Becca powders.  To kindly address the great unsatisfaction of the consumers, BECCA honored Jaclyn’s request to remove the product from the shelves all together.

Packaging; 10/10 huge mirror

Texture; 9/10

Pigmentation; 9/10

Retails; $52

In my personal opinion, I really enjoy this palette so far.  Although the powder isn’t of the typical Becca powder quality, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great product.  Unfortunately, I do not own the original Champagne Pop that was released last year or so to compare.  Nonetheless, the colors are stunning.


From top to bottom– rosé spritz luminous blush, amaretto mineral blush, pamplemousse mineral blush, champagne pop, prosecco pop shimmering skin perfectors pressed

Overall, I would still recommend this product.  For $52 USD, it has a great amount of product that is well worth the price and the colors would be absolutely flattering on a wide range of skin tones.


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