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I’m sure if you’re on this blog, it’s because you’re a fellow makeup hoarder as well!  Besides having the cult classic, Ikea Alex 5 Drawer Unit, to keep my makeup concealed and organized, I keep quite a few products on top of my dresser where I get ready every morning.

I choose to use clear acrylic containers to store my makeup so that I can see where everything is easily.  Photographed here is a vanity makeup organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond on top of a Muji 5 Drawer Acrylic Drawer set. The organizer on top, I’ve had for years.  I find that it is extremely convenient in holding products that won’t fit in the shallow muji drawers.  The muji system can be found online at their website, www.muji.eu.


The top organizer is separated into 7 compartments:

2 – end compartments with raised sides to hold brushes upright

1 – 6 lipstick holder between the two ends holding brushes

3 – open sections

1 – narrow front section


Muji’s 5 drawer acrylic unit allows for products to be seen easily.  With the amount of space in each drawer and its short height, products will never be buried below others. It retails for circa $23 USD – $26 USD depending on whether you buy it in store during a sale versus online.

The white cutout containers are from Ikea.  They cost about $2.50 if I’m not mistaken.  Originally, they’re used as candle holders or planters.  As you can see, I use them to store some of my makeup brushes.  By holding the brushes upright, it makes it a lot easier to grab the ones I need.

The pink standing mirror was purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $10 USD.

If you’re interested in seeing the products that I keep in these containers, let me know and I’ll make it part of an overall series to share my makeup collection!

I hope this post is useful in helping you find ways to efficiently store your everyday makeup products!


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