Repurchases | h a u l . pt 1 |

I know it’s only a few products, but I felt the need to make a post. The products I bought today at CVS are repurchases. Since I’ll be going away, I decided to pick up some things throughout the week.

If you don’t already have one, I suggest getting a CVS ExtraCare card; it’s the rewards card where you accumulate points for discounts and extra bucks toward future purchases!


In case you didn’t know, CVS sells e.l.f. products! It was the perfect time for me to buy another one of these palettes. The greatest thing I love about these palettes is that each individual shade pops out of the palette. I currently own the dark palette and contour palette. The one I picked up today is the light blush palette for $6. I like popping out some of the pans to create a custom palette wherever I go, containing 2 blush shades, a contour shade, and a yellow tint powder. If you haven’t checked these out, I highly recommend them! The blendability is great, pigmentation is thorough, and the color selection can satisfy all skin tones! The packaging is sturdy and sleek; it holds a large mirror  that shows pretty much your entire face.


And of course you know I always include swatches for you guys!


**This right here is my HOLY GRAIL face wash, over all my high end and drugstore products. I won’t go into detail because I have an upcoming post about my entire skincare regiment where I will do a thorough review of each product. But I will say that I never have to worry about my skin being excessively dried out from a daily facial cleanser because I use this. It typically retails for $9.99 – $13, but today I got it for $4.99 using with my rewards membership! What a steal! Needless to say, I got more than one!


I will do an entire post about my hair care and styling, need not fret! I am a huge texturizing spray/beachy sea salt spray lover! I have thick, naturally jet black, straight hair. Only recently had I dyed the ends for an ombre look, but thankfully my hair was not damaged in any way whatsoever. Because I don’t often blow dry my hair, I love letting it air dry and applying a sea salt spray for a bit of a tousled look. I don’t struggle with volume because my hair has natural lift, so while some may not like texturizing sprays because it weighs their hair down, I love them because I don’t have that issue. Most sprays I have have a coconut, tropical, bright scent; which I don’t mind. This one, however, has a fragrance that resembles the other products in the Organix line; a clean, shampoo-like scent without a coconut fruit smell. While this product is priced at $8.79, at checkout, it came out to $5.99!


This has been my favorite spray to apply prior to blow drying my hair ever since L’Oreal came out with it. I’ve repurchased it time and time again because it doesn’t leave any sort of greasy residue in my hair or weigh it down. It has a fresh scent that compliments my shampoo and conditioner, and to be honest, I cannot be without this! The price of this product varies, as do all the products above minus the e.l.f. blush palette, depending where you buy it. CVS sells it for about $6, but today, at checkout it came out to $3.99.


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