MAC Cinderella Eyeshadow | r e v i e w |

I know it’s a tad bit too late to get your hands on this palette at MAC or any MAC counter in a department store, but who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky at a Cosmetic Company Store!

MAC releases limited edition lines every so often. Being a Disney fanatic, I naturally had to get my hands on the Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Palette. Unfortunately I don’t recall the price of this palette, though I imagine it being circa $30 – $40.


I purchased mine from the MAC location at Times Square. I actually didn’t think it’d be in stock; but because of a shipping mishap, that location received more of this palette and a highlighting powder, which I do own.

Now, onto the logistics. The palette comes with 6, I wanted to say limited edition, shadows. But if you missed out on this palette, you can purchase 5 out of the 6 shades because they are a part of their permanent line. There is only one color in this palette that is limited edition. The palette includes 2 velvet finish, 2 matte finish, 2 frost finish eyeshadows.


The first shade is Vapour, a velvet finish shadow, that is a part of the permanent collection. To reach the opacity of this shade, it needs to be built up quite a bit, so I’d highly suggest using a primer. It is a very light peachy color with extremely fine specks of shimmer.

The next shade is Phloof, a frost finish eyeshadow, also a part of the permanent line.  I find that the undertone of this shade is quite neutral so it is extremely wearable for multiple skin tones. Personally, it is one of my favorite shades from the bunch. It has a light champagne hue that I even double up with as a cheekbone highlight!

The two matte finish shadows are in the middle of the palette,Omega & Quarry, both part of MAC’s permanent collection. Omega is a light brown, khaki, kind of color, beautiful as a transition shade, and Quarry is a great crease shade, a deep taupe/brown color.

Satin Taupe is a frost finish shadow from MAC’s permanent line. It provides a gorgeous sheen to the lid by casting dimension from the light, similarly to that of Phloof.

The limited edition shade in this palette is called Stroke of Midnight. In the pan, it appears to be a gorgeous deep purple black, with fine specks of purple, fuchsia, and blue shimmer. When applying this shade to the lid with a brush, I feel that it comes off as a matte black. It is a velvet finish like the first shade in the palette, however, I would much rather have the colored shimmer be more apparent. By applying the shadow with my finger, I was able to pack on the color more so that the purple, pink, blue would shine through.


From left to right: Stroke of Midnight, Satin Taupe, Quarry, Omega, Phloof, Vapour.

Overall, the combination of shades is great to have in a small palette. It makes it convenient to obtain a natural look or a bold look. But I would have much rather prefer a palette with more limited edition shades, or for that matter, a more pigmented limited edition shade that would naturally show as it does in the pan.


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