ColourPop Highlighters | r e v i e w |


ColourPop is, by far, one of my favorite brands of life! The formula of Colourpop products are unlike any other. Keeping up with the season, highlighters have become a staple in my makeup routine. During these warm months, so many people love a fresh, dewy look. And Colourpop has an amazing variety that I’d recommend for all skin types. They released 16 pearl finish highlighters not too long ago that satisfy a wide array of skintones. Cheek products from Colourpop retail for just $8, so it’s an amazing deal! Of those colors, I purchased these 3 shades, Butterfly Beach, Teasecake, & Avalon.


Butterfly Beach- This highlighter is a gorgeous champagne color. It has just a touch of a rosy hue that makes it beautiful on all skintones. Personally, this is my favorite shade that I frequently reach for. These highlighters can be sheer for a nice sheen on the cheek bones, or built up for more dramatic dimension


Teasecake– This shade is a beautiful pink highlighter with an undertone that leans a tad toward the cooler side (it’s definitely pretty even on warm undertones). The above photo does not do the product justice. The way it catches the light has this subtle touch of lavender, just enough to create a unique shade.


Avalon- Avalon, in my opinion, would be stunning on tan – medium deep as a highlighter. This shade is so bronze that I use it as a blush topper mostly. It gives a beautiful finish to any matte blush that I like to dress up a bit.



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